The Arena Closer is a tank in , it appears when a match of Domination , Survival and Tag is finished or a FFA , Maze , Maze , 2 Teams and 4 Teams arena closes. It can be played in sandbox when you press / key several times.

As their name says , They close the arena. when a player get killed by arena closers, it will get kicked from the arena , when all players get killed the server refresh. If a player try to survive them , the player will get kicked from the server after some minutes.

Design Edit

The arena closer features a large yellow tank , it is about large like dominator , and the bullets it fires are about as large as an Annihilator bullets. In sandbox it has blue color and it is smaller.

Strategy Edit

In sandbox Edit

Weak Against: Dominators

Strong Against: Every class

There is no actually strategy to use when playing as the most powerful tank in the game. However, you must be carefull when other Arena Closers are in the server, as they are one of the few tanks who can easily defeat you. but in a perfect 1 versus 1 situation, the winner is usually the Arena Closer who gets the first hit.

Against the arena closer Edit

Arena Closers in the Sandbox Mode can only be easily taken on by other Arena Closers and Dominators . All other tanks and cannot stand a tank will be quickly destroyed.

Trivia Edit

  • Arena Closers spawn outside of the regular map boundaries. However, upon spawning, they will move inside the map boundaries.

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