Gamemodes are a feature in t. There are currently 8 gamemodes in All gamemodes contains different features. In 2 teams , 4 teams and tag, the color of your tank will have color what team you’re on. This also includes the bullets, drones, and traps that you shoot.

FFA Edit

You are blue and your bullets are blue. All enemy tank's colors are red There are no teams in FFA , but there can be teamers which team , if you see teamers you can betray them with destroyer branch. In this gamemode the goal is to get at the top of the leaderboard.

Survival Edit

In this gamemode , in the begging if there are no enought players to start the game all players need to wait until there will be 10 players. When there are enoguth players , the cooldown will start. When the cooldown is over , everyone will spawn as level 1 tank. Once a player dies , the player can't join the same server anymore. If there are 1 player left , the arena closers will come get him. Leveling up in this game mode is quicker, because XP gain has been multiplied by 3.

2 Teams Edit

You are split into 2 different teams.  You gain points the same way as in FFA. Only red tanks can destroy blue, blue tanks can destroy red. Wandering too close to the enemy’s spawn area will alert the base Protectors who will kill any nearby enemy on sight. Any bullets that travel into the opponent’s base will disappear. They are two factors prevent spawn killing.

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