The Tank or Basic Tank is a Tank in , it is the starter tier 1 tank which has only 1 cannon.

Design Edit

The tank has a simple circular body with one Cannon mounted in the front. The tank body is depended on the team.

Strategy Edit

When playing FFA or Maze try go find some pentagons . They give you many xp which is needed to level up. When you are not strong and you don't find any pentagons try squares and triangles. When you are strong enought try go to pentagon nest. When you have enought points to upgrade a stat , increase your max health , when you have maximum max health increase bullet damage which give your bullet more damage.

When playing 2 Teams or 4 Teams stay near the spawn arena (base) and kill polygons. If the enemy team has many enemies in the leaderboard or they are close to spawn arena be in the spawn arena.

Achievements Edit

Name Awarded for
There are other classes? Get to level 45 as basic tank

Trivia Edit

  • Tank has one of the fourth most powerfull bullets.
    • Tank's bullets are only under Destroyer , Annihilator , Hybrid bullets.

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