Tanks are feature in They are controlled by players or bots.

Design Edit

The tanks have a circle , square , triangle , hexagon , hexadecagon ,  icositetragon shape.

  • Almost all of them have circuar shape.
  • Necromancer and factory have a square shape.
  • Defender and Guardian have a triangle shape.
  • Mothership has a hexadecagon shape
  • Smasher and auto smasher have a hexagon shape
  • Landmine have a icositetragon shape.

They have a cannon. The cannon are the size of the tank level.

They also have a red , blue , purple , green color , yellow , fallen (gray) , pink colors.

  • Your tank at FFA , Maze and Sandbox have a blue color.
  • Enemy tanks in FFA , Maze and Sandbox have a red color.
  • Blue team tanks have a blue color in 2 Teams , 4 Teams and Tag.
  • Red team tanks have a red color in 2 Teams , 4 Teams and Tag.
  • Green team tanks have a green color in 2 Teams , 4 Teams and Tag.
  • Purple team tanks have a purple color in 2 Teams , 4 Teams and Tag.
  • Bosses have pink , yellow , red , fallen (gray).
  • Arena closers have a yellow color.

Achievements that can be earned by destroying tanks Edit

Name Awarded for how many destroyed tanks
A moment to cherish forever 1
Git Gud 10
Gitting Gud 100
Got Gud 1000

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